Early Access is Live!


  • Ultima Origins is a nostalgic Free Shard based on the UO:R era.
  • We are currently in Early Access and you may log in and play via the launcher available in the Downloads section. 
  • Connect to our Discord for quick responses to issues or questions and use the Discord Forums for topic-based discussion.
  • Development Notes: Patch v1.2

    • Updated launcher to use HTTPS for improved compatibility and security
    • Fixed issue where some users could not download the launcher

    Maps and Client
    • Fixed various map and client issues

    Script Changes
    • Improved skill gain
    • Factions can now toggle guards
    • Resolved issue causing server to crash when guards were called
    • You can no longer use key rings locked down inside a house to open a locked door
  • Newsletter - April 22, 2023

  • Development Notes: Patch v1.1

    Character Creation
    • Starting map and text has been corrected when creating a new character

    • Items will no longer decay inside houses if not locked down or secured
    • Maximum number of home co-owners has been expanded from 12 to 25
    • Maximum number of home bans has been expanded from 40 to 140
    • Maximum number of home friends has been expanded from 40 to 140
    • Key rings can now be accessed when locked down for better home security
    • A master key for doors will be generated in your backpack when you submit using the House Customization menu
    • Fixed an issue where items were removed from custom houses when entering House Customization mode
    • If a wall is placed over an item or container, that item or container will be moved into your home's moving crate
    • Fixed an issue where NPCs acted as if they were banned from houses
    • Fixed an issue where houses could be placed over mobiles
    • Houses can now be placed over dead player ghosts and the ghost will be relocated under the house sign (but living players will still block house placement)
    • Custom house deeds of various sizes have been added for purchase

    • All cities have been added to factions with the exception of Cove and NuJel'm
    • All added cities are controllable and capturable

    • Fixed an error resulting in blank AMIBs

    Overworld Map
    • Countless map inconsistencies/errors corrected

    • Pet bonding is now live
  • Development Notes: Patch v1.0

    New Features
    • Added Poker Game currently playable at the Brit Library (temporary location)
    • Added [emote command "[e yell", etc.
    • Added "[friendlist" command, allowing whisper function to added friends

    Bug Fixes, Tweaks, and Other Quality of Life Improvements
    • Follower speed increased for quality of life
    • Distance to begin and continue taming increased from 2 tiles to 6 
    • Changed enemy aggro distance to be approximately ½ shorter
    • Skill gain adjusted to be slower (work in progress; further adjustments expected) 
    • Added [friendlist command, allowing “whisper” function to added friends 
    • Fixed a bug in blacksmithing causing server crashes
    • Added fix from ModernUO for Provocation calculations
    • Adjusted Provocation to be era-appropriate